Our Team – 2024

PrincipalDamien Harris
Deputy Principal Curriculum & PedagogyBarbara Taylor
Deputy Principal Pastoral & Student SupportDamian Barton
Junior Team (Yr 0 - 2)
The Rock Pool Roll Growth Class
The Lagoon Roll Growth Class
Room 3 (Lil' Mounties)Kim Cassidy
Room 7 (Y2)Johnelle de la Haye
Room 8 (Y1)Nicali Williams / Lyn Redmond
Room 9 (Y1)Jo Weston
Room 10 (Y1)Paulette Brown
Room 1 (Y2)Letitia Davidson
Room 2 (Y2)Janine Valder / Stacey Smith (Team Leaders)
Middle Team (Yr 3/4)
Room 11Brooke Vlietstra
Room 12Wendy Brown
(Team Leader)
Room 13Rodd Kingston-Smith
Room 14Emma Cunliffe
Room 15Casey Trotter
Senior Team (Yr 5/6)
Room 4Lauren Wyse
Room 5Julianne McMartin
Room 6Kylie Perkins
Room 16Steve Anderson
Rm 17Anita Styles
(Team Leader)
Specialist Teacher:Jo Hickman
(Resource Teacher of Literacy)
Classroom Release TeachersJane Arrowsmith, Mikaela Ramsbottom, Jan Rae, Charlotte Eglinton, Fiona Jackson, Pip Leslie, Felcitiy Shackleford, Becky Roberts
International Student Manager:Liz Vialoux
Learning Support Teacher:Hayley Skliton
Support Staff
AdministrationKath Williamson
(Business Manager)
Shanie Rei
(Office Admin.)
LibraryRachel Kelly
CaretakerDave Watson
Taha MaoriSue Angell
Sports Co-ordinatorRachel Kelly
Teacher AidesChristine Murray
Bronwyn McCarthy
Lucy Brooking
Rebecca Candy
Karin Baker
Anna Smith

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07 575 3960

Mount Maunganui Primary School
13 Orkney Road
Mount Maunganui

Term Dates



  • T1:   5th February - 12th April
  • T2:  29th April - 5th July
  • T3:  22nd July - 27th September
  • T4:  14th October - 19th December




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